Wedding Flowers

wedding flower arrangements

It can be difficult knowing where to start with the floral arrangements for your wedding, we would suggest planning the Bride's bouquet first which will then set the theme for the bridal party. Remember that the perfect bouquet is the one that you want for your special day, trust your instinct and go with what your heart tells you.

It's tradition for the groom to wear a flower in his button-hole that appears in the bridal bouquet, this dates back to medieval times, when a knight wore his lady's colours as a declaration of his love.

Flowers can be chosen for the shape, colour & scent as well as their meaning and seasonal availability. These days most flowers can be imported at any time of the year to create the wedding bouquet, bridesmaids posys and button holes required. Local florists can also supply stunning floral decorations for your wedding venue and reception.

If you're stuck for choice, these are some of the more popular flowers for weddings:

Bridal bouquet


A large open flower, perfect for larger bouquets, table centres – a range of colours from white to red.


There are over 100 different varities of Anemone and in magnificent bright colours for a really trendy bouquet.


An all time favourite, bright yellow flower can be single or double petalled and is very popular for spring wed-dings.  Mixed with freesias or tulips makes a magnificent bouquet, just hand tied with raffa and it looks as if they are just picked from the garden that morning.


A splendid small, very highly scented, flower in bright colours.  Ideal for mixing with other spring flowers to add a pastel shade and scent, or for headdresses and posies.


These large and very dramatic, daisy like flowers, come in vibrant colours such as orange, red yellow and shocking pinks, ideal for posy, round or included in a teardrop bouquet.

Lily of the valley

These tiny white flowers are bell shaped, with a sweet fragrance, and are ideal for small posies.


Exotic and extremely costly but available in a variety of fantastic colours.  If you wanted a very modern bouquet just simply tie a few long stems for a stunning look, works especially well with tall brides.


This is a very popular wedding flower, very small flowers but very heavily scented with a wonderful per-fume.  Added with freesias or anemones for extra aroma.

Sweet Pea

An all time classic wedding favourite, sweet pea has very delicate petals and a very sweet lingering scent.  Comes in amazing rich colours.


Again like daffodils can be multi petalled and in a range of colours and some varities have frilled edges.  Added with white flowers, such as roses, stephanotis you will have a very cottage garden style bouquet, but very colourful and scented.

Wedding Flowers

For a little more inspiration we have prepared a list of the most popular flowers and greenery and their meanings:

Apple Blossom    Better things to come

Baby’s Breath    Pure heart

Bachelor Button    Delicacy

Bamboo    Strength, Loyalty

Blue Violet     Faithfulness

Camelia     Gratitude

Carnation    Love

Chrysanthemum    Red, I love you, White is for Truth

Cyclamen    Modesty

Daffodil    Joy

Dahlia    Good Taste

Forget-me-Not    True love and remembrance

Honeysuckle     Generosity

Hyacinth    Loveliness

Iris    Affectionate

Ivy    Eternal love and fidelity

Jasmine    Friendly nature

Lemon Blossom    Fidelity in love

Lilac (white)    Youthful innocence

Lily of the valley    Return of happiness

Magnolia    Nobility

Mimosa    Sensitivity

Orchids    Nobility

Orange Blossom    Purity

Peach Blossom    Captive

Poppy    Extravagance

Rose (red)    Love

Rose (white)    Worthiness

Snowdrop    Hope

Sweet Pea     Delicate pleasures

Tulip    Love

Violet     Faithfulness

White Daisy    Innocence