Monumento al Campesino

The Peasant´s Monument and the Casa Museum were created to immortalize the difficult labour of Lanzarote´s rural community whose endeavours to extract bounty from the arid earth can be seen in the landscape of La Geria – unique in the world.

The Monument, also dedicated to Fertility, was designed by César Manrique using old fishing boat water tanks elevated on a platform of rocks.

The Casa Museum, an old farm house, was restored and enlarged by the artist who from the 1960´s was involved in a campaign to rescue and preserve Canary architecture.

An extraordinary collection of utensils and implements used by the peasants throughout time give the visitor a sense of a great part of the island´s history and traditions.

Also of interest are the artisan workshops housed in the Museum (ceramics, embroidery and weaving) as well as the antique kitchen filled with the domestic objects of Lanzarote’s past life.

The Monument Restaurant offers a delicious array of typical Lanzarote cooking: fresh fish, local potatoes, sancocho (fish stew) and traditional desserts, all in a setting which transports us back in time.