Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies in Lanzarote

What ever the reason and occasion that you want to show your love for each other in Lanzarote, the team at Weddings Lanzarote can organise the event for you.

Currently the Roman Catholic church have stopped providing church weddings for non residents in the Las Palmas province of Spain, which is a real shame as we've arranged hundreds of legally binding religious ceremonies on the island in the past.

Last chance to run!The majority of weddings in Lanzarote are actually wedding blessings, where the legal aspect of your marriage has been completed with a civil ceremony in your country of residence. To all intents and purposes, many guests do not even realise that the blessing is anything otherwise. Most brides & grooms elect to have a traditional style ceremony with a wedding celebrant in a beautiful setting or in a church conducted by an Anglican minister.

Civil ceremonies at a registry office are only permitted for residents of Lanzarote under Spanish law.

A renewal of vows ceremony is becoming really popular, it's a lovely way for two people to show their love for each other in front of friends and family, particularly poignant on a special anniversary or after a difficult time.

Commitment ceremonies are popular for couples who for one reason or another don't need to prove their love with legality or religion, but want to celebrate their life together.

Contact us to discuss your wedding requirements, you can rely on our team of experienced professionals to ensure your perfect wedding ceremony.